Welcome to Sapphire Blue Farm!  My name is Myka Player, my small farm is located on and acre and a half in
Clarkston, Utah. I am going to try to be better at keeping this site updated, but please be patient with me! Have a
look around and let me know if you have any questions!
A LITTLE ABOUT ME: I was born in Logan, Utah but my family moved to Simi Valley, California when I was
2 years old so I have always consider myself to be from California. ;)

I come from a very large family, We are as follows: Bill(Dad), Nancy(Mom), Alec, Me, Matthew(Married to
Jenny), Nathan(Married to Amber and they have my precious niece Brooklyn & my nephew is in the oven-due
January 2013!), Maria, Hannah, Emily & Josh. BIG FAMILY! lol
PRL-Ponderosa Lady Bey
(Pictured as a very fat & pregnant 8 year old...)
Updated March 5th, 2013
HOW I GOT STARTED WITH GOATS: I always loved the idea of having animals and farm life so when my
parents decided to move back to Utah I insisted we have a farm! To ensure that they bought a place where I could
start my farm I purchased a cute little American Nubian named PRL-Ponderosa Lady Bey. It has been a down
hill obsession since then!

I have been raising dairy goats since 1999. I started with Nubians and added Lamanchas in 2005. I strive to breed
for a large powerful animal that is competitive both in the show ring and in the milk room. I do this by setting
goals! My current goal is for my entire herd to appraise at a 90 or above and milk a minimum of a gallon a day
by their 2nd freshening. I haven't had the herd appraised for the last few years and was planning to have the
herd appraised this year but 2013 is a skip year for Utah appraisal so we will be appraising in 2014! I am also
planning on getting the herd on regular DHIR testing starting 2013 or at least doing a couple one day milk tests
to get stars on my girls & track my herd progress a little better. :)
Besides the goats I also have four horses, seven dogs(and 7 puppies right now!), the number of cats range in
number but there are always at least 8 ;), and chickens!
Blue-Cedars Toolakea (aka "Toolie")
My first Lamancha doe!
A Few Links:
Jacqui, Chance & Chiqui
Chance is a Border Collie/Blue Heeler,
Chiqui is a Pit Bull and Jacqui is an
accident of the two... ;)
"the fluff balls"(Maltese), Sephira and Tristan
in the front, Olivia and Blanca in the back.)
Some of the cats enjoying the sun in front
of the milk barn last fall (2011)
This is Sage, my Quarter Horse/Fox Trotter
This is Desnetza & Mansanita, my
Tennessee Walkers
Sage enjoying the sun last fall (2011)
Mansanita & Desnetza enjoying the sun last fall (2011)
I finally made it to the Utah State Fair again in 2012! It was nice to get away and see all my goat people friends
again and see how my animals did. I was quite happy with the turn out! There were a ton of beautiful animals
and I was pretty happy with how my girls did. The thing I have always loved about showing is you see your
animals right next to other animals that you drool over online and it helps you see what you like about your
own, and what you need to improve on. ;) Kidding season 2013 at Sapphire Blue is in full swing! This is one of
my favorite times of year seeing all the new babies & possible future champions! I will try to stay on top of
keeping everything updated here as the kids arrive.
This is Reina, my palomino Quarter
Horse, I learned getting these pictures that
Reina is not a fan of the flash! :)