PRL-Ponderosa Lady Bey
(Pictured as a very fat & pregnant 8
year old...)
Updated January 20th, 2018
Welcome to Sapphire Blue Farm!  My name is Myka Player, my small farm is located on four acres in Nibley, Utah. I am going to try to be
better at keeping this site updated, but please be patient with me! Have a look around and let me know if you have any questions!

HOW I GOT STARTED WITH GOATS: I always loved the idea of having animals and farm life so when my parents decided to move back
to Utah I insisted we have a farm! To ensure that they bought a place where I could start my farm I purchased a cute little American
Nubian named PRL-Ponderosa Lady Bey. It has been a down hill obsession since then!

I have been raising dairy goats under the head name Sapphire Blue since 1999. I started with Nubians, added Lamanchas in 2005 &
French Alpines in 2017. I strive to breed for a large powerful animal that is competitive both in the show ring and in the milk room. I do
this by setting goals! My current goal is for my entire herd to appraise at a 90 or above and milk a minimum of a gallon a day by their
2nd freshening. I plan on starting to participate in LA & DHIR testing soon, so I can track my herd progress a little better. :)
Blue-Cedars Toolakea (aka "Toolie")
My first Lamancha doe!
Welcome to Sapphire Blue Farm!
County Fair 2007>>
Show tent at the Cache County Fair 2007